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You’ll wonder how you ever lived without instant hot water on demand. You’d be surprised how useful near-boiling water at the tap can be. Whether you’re cooking, cleaning, or preparing hot beverages, insta-hots provide hot water instantly.

The perfect complement to your main kitchen faucet, an instant hot water dispenser can be installed at the edge of your kitchen sink ready to dispense filtered, near-boiling water exactly when you need it.

Insta-hots work like little, inline tankless water heaters and save time, space, and energy in the kitchen so you can get on with more important things in life.

Great for hot beverages, insta-hots boil water faster, clean dishes quicker, thaw out frozen food faster, make hot cereals, and allow you to clean-up without harsh chemicals.

Insta-hots are also at home in office situations where bathrooms and kitchens require hot water but don’t have the space for water heaters.

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  • Instant Hot Water
  • Great For Office Kitchens
  • Adjustable Temperatures
  • Instant Hot Beverages
  • Under-Sink Solutions
  • Saves Energy
  • Tankless Water Heater
  • Saves Space
  • Kickstart Boiling Water
  • Great For Office Bathrooms
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