Crushed or Cubed Ice?

Summer is finally upon us, and time to start thinking about warmer weather entertaining. Friends and family activities are simply more fun with a cold drink in hand. Is your ice maker in excellent working order and ready for action!
There are dozens of decisions to make when buying a new refrigerator. Cold beverage lovers now have a choice when it comes to the shape of their ice, but why the shapes? Below we discuss some of the new ice shapes produced by refrigerators and ice makers.

Crushed ice/pellet ice
Some home refrigerators offer this type of ice, but they are often made in commercial or stand-alone ice makers. These pellets are popular for icy beverages and are great for drinks that don’t mind a little dilution since the small pieces melt quickly (Think grandpas super tart lemonade).

Crescent cubes
Many refrigerator-installed ice makers produce these cubes rounded on one side and flat on the other. The shape is designed to prevent splashing when a drink is poured over them.

Circle ice
This gourmet ice is round and hollow in the middle. You can find these mostly in portable ice makers or under-counter mounted machines.

Large clear cubes
Slow melting large cubes are perfect for straight drinks like whiskey or James Bond’s martinis. Creating a perfect bubble-free cube is tricky business and requires a very specific mold.

Everyone carries their own personal water bottle these days, so it makes sense that some genius out there thought to create specialty ice trays to make cylindrical ice that can fit nicely into bottles.

After you’ve determined what important shape your ice should take on, you need to make sure you have the water to make it happen. Douglas E. Wilson Plumbing can help with that! Installing your water line to your desired appliance requires expertise to make sure it doesn’t leak. Call us today at (805) 963-3454 and we can have your refrigerator cranking out ice in no time.