Filtration Options for Your Home

Drinking water is good for you. Drinking water that tastes good is great as long as it is free of contaminants. Before choosing a water filtration system, it’s a good idea to test your water’s quality.

Taste, color, odor, and staining of clothes or fixtures are signals for potential quality concerns. If your home is served by the public water utility, that water is tested and results reported to federal and state agencies responsible for making sure it is healthy and meets the National Primary Drinking Water Standards.

If your water comes from a private well on or around your property, routine testing is important and highly recommended by the EPA. Private well testing is especially necessary if there is an infant in the home, if you have a new well, repaired pipes, or if there has been a chemical/fuel spill in close proximity to your water supply.

You can find a state-certified laboratory by calling the Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 1-800-426-4791 or by logging on to the Environmental Protection Agency’s website.

Our experts at Douglas E. Wilson Plumbing can assist you a water quality testing for things such as pH, Iron, and other mineral contents that can be unsafe and/or undesired in your drinking water.